JonDesign’s SmoothGallery

Version 2.0 is out and a lot of changes have been made since v1.0.1…  A lot of bugfixes, yeah. But also new features !



Big new features ?

  • Back and forward buttons of your browser now controls the gallery. Moreover, you can send that url up there to a friend, he will see exactly the same slide on the gallery than you. This is called HistoryManager. See a demo.
  • You can have multiple galleries on one place and switch between galleries. This is called Gallery Sets. See a demo.
  • Tired of that smooth fade-in of pictures ? SmoothGallery now supports transitions between slides. See a demo.
  • Don’t want to use all of your bandwidth for some galleries ? SmoothGallery now includes a real preloader and loads only what is needed, while giving feedback to the user on the progress (Most of the time, users won’t even see a loading bar, as SmoothGallery tries to load what the user could want to see).

Small improvements ?

  • Switched to mootools 1.11
  • Still using prototype, jquery or another incompatible js framework ? I’ve made a name-spaced version for you !
  • Carousel now automatically close when you click on an item (can be turned off).
  • SmoothGallery can be even more customized to what you need. You can for example take the carousel off the gallery in any part of your page you want.
  • Upgraded license to GPL v3.
  • Using flickr to manage your pictures ? fine ! there is now an official flickr plugin available to display your picture sets as gallery sets.



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