JMS Accordion 3 module

This module supports for making Accordion slideshow for images from contents or from a folder. Very easy for using it, you can edit parameters of module as you want.JMS Accordion3 module allows user making a slideshow with accordion effect from images what module can get from folder or from articles. We have 2 versions, one for Joomla 1.5 and one for Joomla 1.6.




  • Width: width of module
  • Height: height of module
  • Max Width For Slide: the width when slide is active
  • Description Mask Height: The height for description mask
  • Border Color: The color define for border
  • Source: have 2 options are Images from folder and Images from articles
  • Image Path: path for getting images when user choose Image from folder
  • Category: choose category when user choose Image from articles
  • Description: use when user choose Image from folder option. With format :[slide img=”demo.jpg” url=”#” title=”Demo title”]demo text[/slide]
  • Duration:duration
  • Number of Items: number of items what you want to display
  • Show ReadMore: Show or Hide Read more link
  • ReadMore Text:Text for Read more link
  • Click Link Open In:Targetfor read more link
  • Order by: choose type what u want to order(In case source = content)

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