JM-Personal-Site Responsive template: supports mobile devices

Need the professional Joomla template for your personal site since you are the professional?
With this excellent template you will impress your site visitors for sure! The template design is addressed for golf trainer but there are no limitations to use it for any other profession.
The background image can be replace at the template adminitrator as well as the golf ball that is floating over the logo image (you can upload the white-transparent gradient to achieve the shine effect).

Besides the above features, the powerful framework provides many useful settings to configure.
We used DJ-MediaTools to create the trainer gallery of images (you can also insert movies) and DJ-Catalog2 to create the collection of the most interesting stuff for potential clients.
DJ-MediaTools seamlessly integrates with DJ-Catalog2.

Template compatibility:

  • Joomla 2.5
  • Joomla 3.0

Template Version: 1.0 for J3.0, EF 2.00 for J2.5

Responsive template: supports mobile devices

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