Joomla Index File

With JiFile you can search within your documents in PDF, DOC, Excel, ODT, JPEG, MP3 and many others directly from the search of Joomla!

This component will not only search in the title or meta tags of the files but just in the content!

JiFile was designed to obtain an integrated tool in Joomla that allows the indexing of textual content of a document (DOC, PDF, Excel …) and research into them.

JiFile presents a simple administrative interface that allows great ease of use.

Video tutorial (ENG-ITA) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpbUZwZqIpg

JiFile – Quick Tutorial http://www.isapp.it/en/jifile-quick-tutorial.html

For a detailed documentation (in Italian only for now) http://www.isapp.it/en/documentazione-jifile.html

JiFile incorporates the framework iFile which supports the recovery of content and indexing a wide variety of formats:

– Rich Text Format (.rtf)
– Moving Picture Expert Group-1/2 Audio Layer 3 (.mp3)
– Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpg – .jpeg)
– Microsoft Word 97-2000 (.doc)
– Microsoft Word 2003-2007 (.docx)
– Microsoft Excel 97-2000 (.xls)
– Microsoft Excel 2003-2007 (.xlsx)
– Microsoft PowerPoint 2003-2007 (.pptx)
– OpenOffice.org Writer (.odt)
– OpenOffice.org Calc (.ods)
– Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf)
– File di testo (.txt)
– Web page (.htm – .html)
– eXtensible Markup Language (.xml)

-08/10/2012 v. 1.0.8
#Added: integrated the ability to manually index the meta tags of the images (EXIF).
#Fixed: iFile library updated to version 1.1.5 (Improved indexing DOC).

#Added: integrated the possibility to automatically index all files of one or more folders.
#Added: integrated functionality for deleting all files from the index in a click.
#Added: now in the search files are downloaded and no longer open in the browser.
#Fixed: iFile library updated to version 1.1.4.
#Fixed: updated JavaScript libraries.
#Fixed: fixed problems to configure the root (/) as filesystem path.
#Fixed: fixed problems in order to change the filesystem path and keep the same index, so you can use multiple folders to index.
#BugFix: fixed bug in filesystem section on the “back to top” (../).
#Fixed: fixed minor problems.

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