Javazine – WordPress Theme

Themeforest WordPress Theme – Javazine is a highly customizable WordPress Magazine Theme which can be either used as blog, Multi-author Magazine or personal portfolio.The theme supports presentation of articles and images through a lightweight jQuery Newsticker and sleek preview tooltips.



The theme comes with an administration page an advertising widget and 4 widget areas

  • sidebar-top
  • sidebar-tabs
  • sidebar-bottom
  • footer (will be transformed into slide panel)

“Sidebar-tabs” automatically creates jQuery tabs out of the widgets that are applied to it, the other 3 areas display it in “normal mode”.

At the administration page you can define which javascript improvements you want to enable. (jQuery support, tooltips, tabs, smooth scrooling for anchor links… ) You also have the possibility to add your Google analytics code here.

The featured post area is also completly managed at the admin backend. You can define which category should be used for featured posts, how many posts you want to display and you can of course exclude them from the normal front page post listing.

You can also edit which categories or pages you want to display in the main dropdown menu.

At the write post and write page panel you can find an extra advanced option field now. If you write a new post or edit an existing one you will find a new tab called “Javazine Preview Images”.
Here you have to enter one url for the preview image, and one for the big feature area. This means you dont have to mess around with wordpress custom fields.

Other features:

  • Breadcrumb navigation with nested page/category support
  • CSS Drowpdown Menu enhanced with jQuery
  • Gravatar Support
  • Comments of Post Author and admin are highlighted
  • Seperation of comments and trackbacks
  • Multiple PSDs included
  • Valid HTML /CSS works in every major browser (Firefox 2+3, IE6 , 7, Safari, Opera, Chrome)
  • All Javascript options a really unobtrusive: if javascript is turned off no dead anchor links or similar remainders will be displayed
  • All javascript functions and php functions are self coded, this means you are not using any bloatet plugins

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