Just another component creator.
Install Jacc, select previously created tables to be used by your component and click “Save”. This will create a working component. Often only a few adjustments are needed for the backend, and this will save you much time.


Jacc creates Components (according your data model), plugins, modules templates and packages. After creation you will be able to develope your extension on place. Jacc’s special ability is to parse a set of tables (based on your data model). The result is a code, that provides a working backend (ready to store items to database) and a rudimental frontend (but much more than “hello world”).

All the stuff is Joomla-compliant, so you will find it easy to work on the code.


– Support for Joomla 1.6 forms library within Joomla 1.5
– Backward compatibility of the created components with Joomla 1.5
– Provides multiple and nested Categories
– You can use JACC to create install files of your installed components, modules, plugins and templates at any time, assumed they are created by JACC.

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