J Admin Mobile

J Admin Mobile! Lite (JAM!) allows you to manage many of the core features of your Joomla site remotely. Developed primarily for the J Admin Mobile! Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch applications, it’s a free GPL component meant to be used, and extended, by any application developer that would like to use it!


The JAM! component works using XMLRPC protocol capabilities and provides the following remote management features:

* View/Add/Edit/Delete Articles
* View/Add/Edit/Delete Sections
* View/Add/Edit/Delete Categories
* View/Add/Edit Users
* View/Add/Edit/Delete Menus
* View/Edit/Delete Menu Items
* View/Edit Global Configuration
* 3rd Party Plugins allow you to use plugins to access any data on your site (including custom tables and files)

Apple iTunes App Store

Google Android Market

For a complete list of changes, see:

For more information about JAM Plugins, see:

If you are interested in modifying and using the JAM! component for other purposes and don’t know where to start, feel free to contact us and we can help with that as well.

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