IT Corporate Joomla Template

After 3 dark templates released consecutively (their scope required so), we at IceTheme wanted to be in line with our members’ projects. After carefully listening to their requests we thought that a Business Joomla Template would be the perfect choice for July.

The IT Corporate template is built with a precise purpose in mind: Convey the professionalism of your business to your website visitors. This approach is accomplished carefully by choosing the color scheme (6 pre-made color schemes are available for you), by making sure that even the tiniest details get their importance on the design and of course, by taking the time to think and put all the elements of the website on their natural place.

As you can see from the Demo, The IT Corporate Joomla Template, besides its thrilling designed layout, features an enhanced version of the IceTabs module, an enhanced IceMegaMenu module and taking advantage of the IceAccordion module and of the IceSpeed plugin, we are 100% sure that you should expect only a kindhearted “Thank You” from your clients.



Classic Features

All IceTheme Joomla Templates are built-in first with your website and your website-users in mind, mean that we carefully provide all tools and features that you may need to accomplish your and your-users goals.

Clone Installer

Get your website exactly as our demo within 10 minutes with the Clone Installer package.

Fast Templates

Our templates are developed to run fast but the IceSpeed plugin will 400%+ further faaten your website

Template Styles

Immediately suit to the color scheme of your project by selecting one of the the pre-built Template Styles.

PSD Files

You may easily modify all the template design part as we provide the full Framed Photoshop file

Browsers Support

Our templates support all major browsers including FF, IE7-9, Safari, Opera, Chrome etc

Rich Typography

All our templates are built-in with a rich typography so that you may easy use almost all html codes.

Built-in Extensions

Along with our templates you will find customized IceTheme Extensions to further enhance your project

Clean Code

Tableless design and 100% CSS-based typography so that you may easy use almost all.

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