inuit.css – a powerful, scalable, Sass-based, BEM, OOCSS framework.

inuit.css is a powerful little framework designed for serious developers.

It is a Sass based, Object Oriented framework that is full of objects and abstractions. inuit.css provides little-to-no design which means no undoing things, no deleting CSS and no adhering to other peoples’ design decisions.

inuit.css is built on a BEM-style naming convention and honed based on work done by Nicolas Gallagher.

inuit.css is ideally suited to designers who want to focus on the creative and not code, and developers who understand the need for abstraction and an OO approach.

inuit.css gives you design patterns, not design decisions. It features nestable, fluid grids; a double-stranded heading hierarchy; sprites; buttons and a lot, lot more.

Use inuit.css if:

You need a powerful library of objects and abstractions.
You understand/appreciate the value of OO code and the need for scalability and reuse.
You are a confident/competent developer comfortable with OOCSS and Sass, as well as familiarity with OO principles in general.


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