iLuv – a dark, feature-rich template

Taking full advantage of the default Joomla! suffix and module position system, we have managed to take this to the next level by implementing some “suffixes on steroids” and also some defined module positioning and styling that flows easily and is pleasing to the visiting eye. To view this for yourself, head on over to our demo site.



What iLuv offers you is “serious versatility”

In additon to the unique, cool, JoomlaJunkie template style, iLuv boasts a truly unique module positioning system. Put simply, you can have multiple modules assigned to the same position on the same page and they will all show and be styled correctly according to the number of modules showing in that respective postion. Take a look at this in action for the top and user module positions as shown on the iLuv demo. Also add to this some advanced suffixes to style any module’s background and heading and you land up with some serious versatility in this luving package. An innovative addition to this JoomlaJunkie Template is the Live Search and Tooltip Content Preview. As users type into the search box relevant results will appear in a custom styled, inline search results area – hover over any result for more details on that result, click on the result and it opens as usual – a first for Joomla! and completely built into the iLuv Template.

Standards compliant and hassle free

This template is designed for standard 1024×768 resolution, but will work on any resolution from 800×600 upwards. As with all JoomlaJunkie templates, iLuv is CSS and XHTML validated. iLuv is fully optimized for SEO and the CSS is refined and has detailed descriptions. It also boasts a detailed typography and setup guide to get you started and what’s more the template is completely Thickbox3 ready. Tightly integrated code and advanced javascript allows you to get all the great iLuv features and base template install up and running with virtually no hassle at all.

We have paid some serious attention to detail on this template, with a full revamp on the Joomla! login module, making it 100% streamlined with the site. All columns are completely collapsible and also all shelves have the ability to open and close. iLuv is so versatile that it is like have multiple templates in one, depending on your layout.

Features Summary

  • 8 intelligent module positions expanding up to 20.
  • All modules fully collapsible
  • Built in advanced module positioning
  • 8 site color styles for the top promotional area
  • 8 different module style variations (easy to mix and match)
  • Top and user modules with 6 expanding module positions
  • Built in live search and tooltip content preview
  • Thickbox3 ready
  • Full revamp and custom FX Login box
  • SEO optimized
  • Detailed Styling on contact form and search results
  • Detailed typography, install and tips guide
  • Refined CSS
  • CSS and XHTML Validated
  • Fireworks source and fonts included
  • Out of box install

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