iFresh – Clean, Clear, Fresh, Funky and Flexible

iFresh is ideal for bloggers, forums and many other site styles. With multiple layout and intelli module options, iFresh simplifies your layouts depending on your content. Power in simplicity is the order of the day and iFresh delivers a full helping.

What can iFresh do for you?

The built in intelli module system utilizes advanced custom JavaScript allowing you to have up to 6 modules for a single Joomla! module position. This means you can have up to 18 module positions while only using 3 of the built-in Joomla! modules positions. That’s real flexibility!


iFresh has a cool, multi-layout system

We have included a built-in, advanced javascript, multiple layout system which breaks the simple collapsing columns method by aligning the sidebar column to the left or right. You can even choose not to display it at all depending on which component is shown and then iFresh just becomes more and more simple to use. The code is clean and refined and SEO friendly.

Custom CSS Styling for blogs and forums

Another first for Joomla Junkie and also included in iFresh is custom CSS styling for both the Fireboard forum component and the MyBlog component – install these 2 components into your site, upload the CSS files and they will fit easily into the iFresh layout and style with no further modification needed. Another highly sought after feature is the 4 level suckerfish menu system which is included and built into iFresh, allowing you to create a menu structure that will allow users to navigate easily however complex your site.

This template is designed to display brilliantly for any resolution above 800 x 600, and as with all Joomla Junkie templates, it is CSS and XHTML validated. iFresh is fully optimized for SEO. The CSS has been refined and includes detailed descriptions. Further attention has gone into the Style and Setup Guide to get you started quicker and more easily.

Get fresh and get started, with features and simplicity like this, it’s even worth going back for seconds…

Overview of iFresh’s features:

  • 3 intelligent module positions expanding up to 18
  • advanced collapsing columns
  • built in advanced module positioning
  • Fireboard iFresh-Style CSS styling
  • MyBlog iFresh-Style CSS styling
  • detailed styling on Joomla! standard components
  • SEO optimized
  • refined CSS and style guide
  • out of box install
  • Fireworks source and fonts included
  • CSS and XHTML validated

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