How to restore a Joomla database using cPanel – joomla 2.5 tutorials

You will need to log into cPanel with your supplied username and password. Normally this URL like: Select the Username field and enter your username. Select the Password field and enter your password.

Next click the Log in button. Select the Backups icon in the Files section. We’ll assume that the database to be restored does not exist and will be created via this process.

Scroll down so you can click on the Browse button for Restore a MySQL Database.

Select the file that was previously created using cPanel Backup.

Now click the Open button. Next click the Upload button. Once the restore has been completed, scroll up and click on the cPanel Home icon.

Scroll down and click on the MySQL Databases icon in the Databases section.

Scroll down and note that no Users are assigned to the restored database.

Scroll down further and select the User dropdown list under Add User to Database. Let’s select the previous user assigned to this database.

Next select the restored database from the Database dropdown list. Now click the Add button. Check the ALL PRIVILEGES checkbox.

Scroll down and click the Make Changes button. Click the Go Back button. Scroll down to see that a user has been assigned to our restored database.


You now now how to restore a Joomla database using cPanel.

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