How to manage Plug-ins in Joomla

This tutorial assumes you are already logged into your Joomla admin panel

How to find extensions to install in Joomla

How to install and uninstall extensions in Joomla

1) Select the Extensions menu item

Joomla extension

Joomla extension

2) Then down and click on the Plug-in Manager

Plug-ins provide additional functional capabilities for your Joomla web site

3) Let’s enable the GMail plug-in by clicking the Plug-in Name

Here we can Enable, set Access and, depending on the Plug-in, configure a number of other options

Joomla plugin manager

Joomla plugin manager

4) Let’s Enable this Plug-in by selecting the Status dropdown

5) Next click the Save & Close button

6) To quickly Enable or Disable a Plug-in, click the green checkmark or red x to switch its status

You now know how to manage Plug-ins in Joomla

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