How to manage Contacts in Joomla – joomla 2.5 tutorials

This tutorial assumes you are already logged into your Joomla admin panel. In this tutorial we will see how to manage Contacts. First select the Components menu item from the Joomla menu bar. Mouse over Contacts and then across and down to Categories. Let’s create a new contact category. Select the New Button. Enter a Title for the new Category. Click the Title field and type. Scroll down and click in the text area of the text editor to enter a Description for this Category. Now scroll up and click on the Save & Close button.

Next select the Contacts menu link. Let’s create a new Contact by clicking the New button. Select the Name field by clicking, then enter a name for this contact. Now select a Category for this contact. Scroll down to enter additional information about this contact. Scroll up and to the right to enter Contact Details. Click on the Contact Details item to access these fields. After you’ve completed entering information for this contact, scroll up and click on the Save & Close button.


To display this new contact, let’s create a new menu item called Contacts. Select Menus, down to Top, and then Add New Menu Item. To select a Menu Item Type, click on the Select button. We’ll select the Single Contact menu item type under Contacts. Next enter a Menu Title. This is what is displayed on your website menu. Now we need to select the actual contact. Click on the Change Contact button. Select our contact, Jane Doe. Now click on Save & Close.

Let’s view our Contact and menu item. Click on the View Site link. Here we can see our new menu item, Contact Sales, that will link to our new single Contact. Let’s click on it to view our contact page. Now you know how to create and manage new Contacts.

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