How to installation D4J Joomla Facebook Photo Stream component for your website

D4J Joomla Facebook Photo Stream is a great way for you to show your facebook albums (in your Facebook page) on joomla website.
Step 1: Open D4J Joomla Facebook Photo Stream page and download lastest version
Download D4J Joomla Facebook Album
Step 2: Login to your Joomla administrator
Select Extensions >> Extensions Manager and then Upload & Install Joomla Extension as normal joomla component
Step 3: In your Facebook Album component click NEW button and add your Facebook Name or ID (remember component support for Facebook Page, FanPage only)

and you can write something for your Facebook page descriptions.
then Click to Save and Close button
Step 4: Creat menu to show Facebook Photo album
on Topbar select menu and click New (add New Menu Item)

Enter your menu title,
Menu Item Type select Facebook Album and Detail View then Select your Album name (or ID)


Click to Settings Tab and Select your Parrameters you want to show

Click Save and Close button then open your website Frontent: check your result

facebook photo album for joomla

facebook photo album for joomla


Example: for my Fanepage is Joomquery:
can easy to find Informations like that:

And please read How to Get Facebook App ID and Secret Key for D4J Facebook Joomla album

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17 thoughts on “How to installation D4J Joomla Facebook Photo Stream component for your website

  1. Hello Guys.
    Nice job ! The tutorial is really helpful.

    I’m using the icetheme and i’m experiencing a strange behaviour.
    When i click on the new menu item following the tutorial, my top menu just disappear.
    It’s like the icemegamodule is not loaded anymore.
    I’ve checked that the menu was linked on all pages but i still experience that issue.
    I’ve tried to wrapped the component in a custom html module and i experience the same issue.

    Can this be a conflict between module?

  2. HI,
    hve small problem with D4J Joomla Facebook Photo Stream component on my prepared webpage Component is installed and ready, but not work right with simply A4joomla-octogon-free template. But its not work properly too with default templates (for installed Joomla! 2.5) Beez5 or Atomic… Can we solve this problem??
    Pls, retype “<-Fisrt" button 🙂

  3. Hi
    I installed the module, and with the example Facebook ID’s it works fine (XGames and taco bell)

    But I can’t find anything how to create a nieuw ID, so I can use my one Facebook.
    If I look in an example eg XGames I see only a P in it.

    If I switch with the Togggle Editor I see nothing!

    Can someone help me please?

    Regards Ercole

  4. Hi

    I installed the component, it work great, only one thing I just want to know :
    I entered my facebook page name in Album ID field, but it display all albums in my site, included Profile Picture album, is there any way I can select which album I want to include in my site ?

    By the way, this is a great extension, thanks for that. Keep up your good work.

    Regards, Alan

    • Hi Lamvt

      Thanks very much for your prompt reply, it’s really impressive.

      Yes, I am using the latest version ( and I am running on Joomla 2.5 platform.

      Re the “Configuration and Parameters”, is you mean the “Option” under “FacebookAlbum manager”, which one I need to set YES/NO, cause I can’t find anything relate to Configuration, please advice.

      Regards, Alan

  5. not working with Joomla! 3.2.3, Purity 3 template, continues to tell me to “Must to click Options to setting up your Facebook API fisrt”
    Did that, no FB ID is shown in the combo :((

  6. OK, I thought I was doing all this correct but I missed something. I have installed the Joomla D4J Facebook Photo Stream component on to my site (on a development server). I went to facebook, created an App in In the settings I added Display Name, Namespace, App Domain (to my development server URL), contact email. I added Website as a platform and put my development server URL in Site URL. I left Mobile URL blank. I then went to app details added a bunch of info to that and then for “App Page” I created a new page and made sure the app was linked to the page. I then went to Status and Review and set the app to be available to general public. Lastly I took my App ID and App Secret from the settings of my app and put them in Facebook Album! options. The problem I’m having is I am still getting the Warning “Must to click Options to setting up your Facebook API first”. What did I do wrong here?

  7. Hello! Install Application on my website with joomla 2.5! the me the option does not appear to enter the ID Facebook

    any tutorial or recommendation for this

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