How To Get High PR Dofollow Backlinks PR9, PR8, PR7, PR6

We all want a backlinks from high pagerank websites and blogs so that we can improve our search engine rankings, improve our Google pagerank as well as improve our Alexa rank of our blogs. But where to get these high PR dofollow backlinks?

There were many different ways to get high PR dofollow backlinks in the past, there were many search forums which had pageranks like PR8, PR7 etc. I must admit it was never easy to get backlinks from PR 9 and PR10 blogs as there were and are so few of them around that it is very difficult to obtain links from these blogs.

In recent times, Google has reduced the pagerank of some of the high pr forums that existed as they were linking out to too many blogs and websites.Some had even made a business out of selling high pr links to other blogs, which is not good.

Nowadays we can get high PR links like PR6 to 9 using some of the tricks stated below –
Getting PR9 Backlinks

This trick to get PR9 dofollow links work only if you are a YouTube Partner.A Youtube partner is one who is given additional features such as –

Customized channel design
Allowed to use ads on videos
Allowed to link back to their blogs from channel page
Allowed to have branding features

If you are a YouTube partner or know someone who is, then you can add your blogs link into the channel page and video pages of the YouTube partners channel.These are PR9 dofollow backlinks which can increase your blogs pagerank and traffic quickly and easily.

You can create an account on and update your account with the links to your is also a pagerank 9 website and hence links from there can be very useful.

But the general consensus is that these links may not be dofollow, but it is definitely worth a try given that a PR9 nofollow link is also extremely useful.

Similar to, mozilla is also a PR9 website which allows you to sign up and create a profile where there is an option to add a link to your blog or website.

You can try the same in this list of all pr9 websites –

Here For List Of All PR9 Sites
Getting PR8 Backlinks

Getting pagerank 8 dofollow backlinks are a little easier than getting pr9 links, but yet a difficult task to accomplish. A similar process of signing up to websites and filling out a profile with links to your site or blog can be used in the following list of PR8 Websites –
Here For List Of All PR8 Sites
Getting PR7 Dofollow Backlinks
Getting Dofollow Links From Wikipedia Articles

Almost all of the wikipedia articles are pagerank 7.One more thing is that all wikipedia pages are editable by users who sign up. So you can sign up and edit a post that is related to your blog and add a reference to it linking to your blog.This is a good way to get PR7 dofollow backlinks easily but make sure you are not defacing the Wikipedia articles or spamming it.

Note: Add links to your website from Wikipedia only if it is highly relevant and adds value to the Wikipedia article or else it will be removed and the user will also be removed for spamming.
Signup and, Complete profile and participate forum to get Dofollow Backlinks
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Getting PR6 Dofollow Backlinks

Getting pagerank 6 dofollow backlinks is much easier compared to the rest of the high pr backlinks.There are many blogs which are PR6 and let guest bloggers to blog on them and they allow a link back to the guest bloggers blog.This is the best way to get high pr dofollow backlinks.

Here is a list of PR6 Dofollow Blogs To Guest Blog At –

Note: These blogs only accept very high quality articles related to their niche, you may not be accepted the first time around but keep trying and you will get a blog post published on these high pr blogs.
Conclusion –

Hopefully these tricks helped you to get high pagerank backlinks from some awesome websites. These links are sure to boost your Google pagerank as well a your traffic.

If you have any other blogs to add to these lists as well as other ways to get high pr dofollow backlinks, please let us know in the comments section as it could be beneficial to many bloggers.

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