How to get 1000 Traffic everydays + Content = $$$$/month

Hello Everyone, i wanna share about how to get 1000 traffic everydays

1. content is very important, because my experience with 1500 content, it can bring thousand traffic everydays
for you have problem with create content
the solution is : -. buy content
-. hire content writer
-. for quick result but low quality and earning you can use

create and posting minimum 1 unique content everydays

2. put tag for everycontent, dont forget about it. its very important

3. submit to social bookmarking (use onlywire)

4. submit to social networking (create page on facebook)

5. submit ads for free (never paid for this) its very nice for backlink and traffic source

-. you can search at search engine with keyword “free classified ads”

after you post the ads, you must put that url to social bookmarking (digg, stumbleupon, reddit, etc) and social networking (facebook, twitter)
it make your blog not look spam

Important : you must be consistent to post ads everydays,
post ads dont spam. use good words like
-. we looking for content writer
-. get special price please go to
you can use your imagine how to write the best ads

6. repeat this step everydays

build blog – put content – social bookmarking – social networking – submit ads – build blog again

the important is you are consistent doing this step by step, day by day
never stop until you get 100k traffic everydays $$$$

submit your ads for unlimited, because from this way you will not look spam
for me its better than blog commenting

just it, i hope you are trying this method with consistent and get $$$$

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