How to display modules conditionally using MetaMod in Joomla

This tutorial assumes you are already logged into your Joomla admin panel

1) Select the Extensions menu item

2) Then down and click on the Extension Manager

using MetaMod in Joomla

using MetaMod in Joomla

3) Click the Browse button

4) Select the module extension you wish to upload and install

5) Then click on the Open button

6) Select the Upload & Install button

7) Select the Extensions menu item

8) Then down and click on the Module Manager

9) Select the MetaMod module title by clicking it

10) Click the Select position button

Scroll down to select the appropriate postion title


11) Click on the position to select it

12) Select the Status dropdown list and change it to Published

13) Scroll down and select the Module Assignment for this module

14) Scroll back up and to the right. Here we have the option to select a Start and End date/time. Enter your date freeform or click on the calendar icon to open the popup calendar

Now let’s scroll down to select the modules we want to be display through MetaMod

15) We can sort and view Available modules in this listing, then enter the module ID’s in the Quick module position field

16) Now scroll back up and select the Save & Close button

Let’s view this module on the site’s homepage

17) Click the View Site link

Scroll down to view the modules contained in the MetaMod module, in our case we chose the Main Menu and Login Form to be displayed

You now know how to display modules conditionally using MetaMod in Joomla

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