How to creat joomla template 3.0 step by step: Packaging joomla 3.0 template

In step 3 we had to work with How to creat joomla template 3.0 step by step: work with templateDetails.xml Now we will here to Packaging joomla extensions.

So the final step is to make a package. This is a compressed archive containing the directory structure and all the files. The package can be in ZIP format (with a .zip extension), in TAR-gzip format (with a .tar.gz extension), or in TAR-bz2 format (with a .tar.bz2 extension).

If your template is in a directory your_new_template_name/ then to make the package you can connect to that directory and use commands like:

tar cvvzf ../your_new_template_name.tar.gz *
zip -a -r *.*

To set an environment variable on a Mac, open a terminal window and type:


Then in the same terminal window, change directories into where your template files reside and issue the zip command. For instance, if your template files have been built in a folder in your personal directory called your_new_template_name, then you would do the following:

cd your_new_template_name
zip -r *


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