How to add a User Menu to your Joomla website – joomla 2.5 tutorials

This tutorial assumes you are already logged into your Joomla admin panel. To create a User Menu, we will first need to create a menu for users that are logged in. Select the Menus option. Then down to the Menu Manager.

Now click on the New button. Click on the Title field and enter a title for this menu. Next click on the Menu type field and enter it here. Click on the Description field to add an optional description for this menu. Click the Save & Close button.

Locate the new Menu we just created and click on the link to Add a module for this menu type.

This will open the Module Manager so we can create the menu module for our new menu. Click on the Title field and enter a title for the module. Next we need to select a template position for this module. Click on the Select Position button. Scroll if needed to locate the template Position to be selected for this module. Scroll down to make the Menu Assignment for our module.


We will want our menu to display on all pages so we can leave the Menu Assignment as is as. We only want logged in users to be able to view and access this menu, so we need to change the Access field to Registered. This way only users with Registered access or higher can access the menu. Click on the Save & Close button.

Now return to the Menus option and down to the menu we previously created, User Menu.

Click on the New button. We need to select a Menu Item Type here. Click on the Select button. Now select a Menu Item Type. We will select the User Profile. Click on the Menu Title field and enter a Menu Title for this menu item. This is the text that is displayed on the Joomla menu. Next select the Access dropdown field. Here you can further restrict access to individual menu items. Click the Save & Close button.

We will add two more menu options in the same way as this last one was added. Now let’s view our User Menu. Click the View Site link. Scroll down to login as a user. As a logged in Registered user we now can view and access the User Menu. Now you know how to add a User Menu to your Joomla website.

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