Google +1 Button by PLAVEB

Today, a business and its products and services can be promoted online, through the simple process of ‘sharing’. The sharing of a link or web content will definitely bring traffic to your blog or website. The Google +1 button module for Joomla is very similar to Facebook’s ‘Like’ button with respect to purpose and functionality. It allows visitors, to share website content/link with others; in doing so, they are recommending/promoting the website socially.


To use the Google +1 button, one needs to create a public profile in Google. A public profile is visible to everyone, meaning people can see who recommended a particular page or website. The great thing about the +1 tab is that it can be shown to the world or kept private. It’s your choice.

The features of the Google +1 Button module:

• Compatible with popular Joomla versions including Joomla 1.5 Native, Joomla 1.6, and the latest version Joomla 1.7

• Allows users to recommend sites and share those recommendations with their friends

• Webmasters can set a default URL which can be socially shared by their website visitors

• Webmasters can choose from 4 button sizes including small (15px), medium (20px), standard (24px) and tall (60px)

• 42 Languages support – Webmasters can choose a language of their choice

• Button counter display

• Webmasters can customize settings as per their needs

• Class Suffix which is the easiest way to modify Joomla’s default style. (Recently Added Feature)

Download it now and Get social!

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