Glassy Menu

Glassy Menu

This is a fashionable sliding menu, which can highlighted the important links.


Features (You can enable this features on admin interface):

* Menu position on the screen
o In which position do you want to show the menu items?
* Menu fixed to the browser
o Set yes if you want to fix the menu to the browser.
o Set no if you want to scroll with the page.
* The menu top position
o The menu top position (y-axis) from the (top of the browser/top of the site)
* Opacity
o The menu opacity when it is hidden
o Unlimited color varianton
You can choose different colors for each buttons with a colorpicker, so you are able to colorize the buttons to suit your tastes.
o Font chooser
With this new feature you can create totally different buttons by changing the styles, font family, decorations, size, etc. of the text that appears on the buttons.
o Cached contents
The buttons are loaded faster than before.

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