This advanced module lists users from JOMSOCIAL or COMMUNITY BUILDER (but also SOBIPRO, PHOCA MAPS entries etc…) on a Google map. It can also show the friendships networks (+ Jomsocial events with attendees) using polylines, JS videos and photo albums + KML layers etc…)


v2.6 Sobipro integration as SPGEomap field frontend map rich replacement on Sobipro entries pages
Itineraries now have interacting elevation chart.
v2.6.15: Virtuemart vendors, and products (requires vm2geolocator plugin for Virtuemart2)

v2.4 added: Map filtering with checkbox for every integrations when more than one and for multiselections userfields. (Roll over to have some markers bounce, clik to toggle show or hide these on map). Routes and Directions added to most Marker types. Jomsocial Medias (Photo albums & videos) added integrated (requires an additional Jomsocial Medias geocoder from

v2.3 added: native Jomsocial or JSPT profile types filter for maps (add profile types ID to include on the map, separated with coma if more than 1)

v2.2: Support for ADSMANAGER and SOBIPRO entries markers linked to their owner marker on map with polylines. Each of these can have unlimited fields showing on info window
– Map centering on visitors coordinates using stored coords, IP address and/or HTML5 geocoding
– etc…

v2.1 changelog:
Add unlimited KML layers to a map
Add markers from a PHOCA MAPS map

v2.0 changelog:
– Rewriten for Google Maps API v3: better performances, better support for mobile devices, no more API key etc..
– Custom styling for maps layout colors, Use our wizard ( to customize your maps layout!
– Visual circle for proximity filter radius supporting Km or Miles
– Jomsocial events map with event avatar as marker and attendees as colorfull polylines (1 random color per event or one chosen color for all)
– Jomsocial Multi profiles support (marker icon)
– Clustering for crowded maps
– Google Adsense integration

– Visitor’s location aware
– Proximity radius filter
– Jomsocial events added to map

– Group filter parameter allowing map to only show members (and group events for jomsocial) from a Groupjive2 or Jomsocial group.
– Privacy awareness for Jomsocial

– Avatar as map Marker icon
– Filter by Online users only
– HTML5 browser geolocation support
– Added Written Articles count in infowindow
– Added Friendships network option: display friendships user connections as polylines on the map.
– Up to 5 custom fields from CB or Jomsocial to show on marker info window


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