Gavick – GK Fest Template For Joomla 2.5

Gavick – GK Fest Template For Joomla 2.5 | 10,7 MB

Planning a unique conference, festival or other event? Announce it using the latest Event website template for Joomla from GavickPro!

This outstanding template will help you present all of your event information in a clear manner, and ensure your website remains attractive!

For this template, a modified version of the K2 component was used to achieve landing pages for speakers, sponsors, or schedule. With this in place, it is possible to feature your lineup of speakers, present the schedule to your site visitors, or place special emphasis on some other aspect of your event.

We have also included advanced typography which may be used to enhance the style or visual appeal of your Joomla website. We’ve even incorporated modern animations using CSS3 which are sure to catch your site visitors’ attention! Of course, we must not forget about the built-in support for Responsive Web Design, which makes this full-featured Joomla template even more necessary! Ensure your target audience can easily learn about your event using their mobile devices!

With your event planning completed, now is the time to use this amazing template to create a fantastic and accessible Joomla website!

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