Gavick – GK Creative v3.5 Template For Joomla 3.0

Gavick – GK Creative v3.5 Template For Joomla 3.0 | 18,7 MB

Image is everything… especially on the Web. Your image is a reflection of how you do business – not just your products and services, but your attitude and values. The Creative, premium Joomla business template is a unique product guaranteed to a make a great impression!

Ideal for setting up a brand new business Web presence, or to refresh an existing one, this template is an effective way to establish your business or portfolio online.

With built-in support for such leading edge components as K2 and our very own News Show Pro GK4, your website content will stand out from the rest. Look good on the Web!

In addition, the template features parallax scrolling, a special scrolling technique by which images move across the screen independent of one another at varying speeds! This creates the illusion of depth, and makes the experience on your website one not to be forgotten!

A few other benefits to this template include a price table element accessed through the typography plugin (in response to customer requests) and the ability to modify button backgrounds using CSS3.

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