FW Video Gallery Component – Joomla module

FW Video Gallery component is a perfect solution for Joomla users, who want to create not only photo-galleries, but who also want to supplement galleries with favourite reels or home-video. With this component you can create photo and video galleries separately or mix them together.

FW Video Gallery component provides you with a large number of features, like JoomFish integration, voting system,different templates design, EXIF information reader, Youtube, Vimeo, Blip.tv and FLV support, preview images of the chosen provider and much more.
* YouTube, Vimeo, Blip.tv, FLV support
* Preview images of the provider that was chosen
* JoomFish integration
* FW templates support
* Option to hide gallery name
* Gallery access limit option
* Nested-level structure of sub-galleries
* Capacity to read EXIF information
* Voting system
* Videos sorting
* Video/gallery description option
* Single gallery/video view


Download: fastw3b.net/joomla-extensions/product/57-fw-video-gallery-.html

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