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Search engine optimization is about improving your site/blog for search engines form both inside and outside it. I’m showing you the award-winning SEO software that has helped several companies, small and huge in their efforts to gain higher search engine rankings. You can download the fully functional FREE version of this software and use it without any time limits.

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How Can This Free SEO Software Help You?

With an arsenal of 12 tools, this free SEO Tool helps you with lots of on-page and off-page optimization. The areas you get help from with this software are:

1 – Keyword Research:

This tool makes it possible for you to discover what people are searching for to find your product, service, or information. Then, you build create your textual content based on that and apply your web copy writing skills to attract the same potential customers who are looking for your stuff.

2 – On-Page Optimization:

This makes your writing job so easy! Just go ahead and write your web copy knowing what keywords to use and where. At the end, this tool within your free SEO software tells you how you will be doing in individual search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It also gives you corrective guidelines on how to improve your copy to rank higher for any of those search engines.


You will not need to go to an html editor to edit your on-page factors to rank higher when you have WebCEO. This tool gives you the possibility to do so from within itself. For instance, if the software tells you that the number of times your keywords is used in headings is too high, you will open this tool and change one of the headings and save it to your webpage.

4Submission Tool:

Submitting to search engines is one of the concerns of all site/blog owners. If you want your site to get indexed in lots of search engines, you can do it yourself by using this tool. All you need to do is to enter the information once and leave it to the software to introduce your site/blog to all those engines and receive reports.


Every site looks for potential link partners to gain maximum link power out of this partnership. The hassle of finding, evaluating, grouping such partners and writing the same letter to all of them over and over again is way too high. If you’ve chosen this method of link building for your site, this tool within this free SEO software can help you best. You don’t need to buy a separate software to this for you.

6PPC Campaign:

Various search engines have got their own Pay Per Click Advertising programs. This FREE SEO software has got a tool called “PPC Campaign” that allows you to select your favorite search engine, register a new PPC account in it, and manage all your pay per click advertising works form inside WebCEO.

7Ranking Tool:

This is an amazing tool that I like very much. Within this free SEO software, you will have this tool that shows your current position for your selected keywords in any search engine you choose. As you track the results of your optimization work, you will see your site’s progress over time.

8Links Tools:

Another fantastic tool within this free SEO software is links tool. Spying on your competitor cannot be easier with this tool. You will know who has linked to you and to your competitors. It also tells you id they’ve used text or image to link and what text or alt tag they’ve used to link to you or your competitors. You can copy your competitors or discover their strategies to rank highly in search engines.


Analyze your site visitors and their performance on your site. You can get several dozens of reports to find out what’s going on at your site. This is a tool developed as web analytics is part of the search engine optimization process and you have to measure your SEO works.

10Uploader Tool:

What a wonderful free SEO software that even thinks of your uploading needs. Once you apply some changes at your site to improve your search engine rankings, you don’t need to leave this software and upload your renewed pages. Just go to this tool and upload your pages, images, files, etc. It only requires your ftp login information.

11Auditor Tool:

It’s a very helpful tool within your free SEO software with which you can check up your site for all kinds of errors and problems that could potentially obstacle your SEO works. It tells you exactly what issues exist at your site and where. You learn about them and fix the problem. Then, for the second time, you check it out to make sure it’s gone.

12Monitoring Tool:

The functionality of your server is very important for your search engine optimization score. This tool sends you email alerts any time your server is down and when it doesn’t function properly. So, you can contact your hosting service provider and ask them to fix the issue ASAP.

Considering all the valuable tools provides at this free SEO software, why don’t you go ahead and download it?

FREE Training Comes with FREE SEO Software

The very beautiful thing about this search engine optimization software is that when you download it, you will receive an excellent foundational online training with quizzes on SEO that could help you learn a lot on how to improve your search engine rankings.

So, do not wait anymore as there’s nothing compared to this on the web.

Just go ahead and download the FREE SEO Software!

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