FlowPlayer Reloaded

Ever wanted to have famous FlowPlayer on your Joomla? With FPRR you can do this in a minute!

* Embed video directly to your site – everywhere, not only articles
* iPadiPhone support
* Cool overlay effect
* Subtitles support


* Fully customisable, numerous options and parameters
* Supports RSS playlists
* Stylish skins, 3 already included + you can create your own
* Social sharing features
* Has a great number of extensions, like Slow motion, RTMP support, Google Analytics etc (available on flowplayer.org)
* Single plugin processes articles, modules, templates etc… {flowplayer} tags can be really everywhere!
* Tested to work with Joomla! 1.7

================================== NEWS ==================================

2011-07-07: New version (3.0) released. Numerous changes and improvements (see changelog on the site).
Most important things are: new script core, improved iPad support, overlay effect(popup), automatoc html stripping, subtitles support
2011-07-12: Chineese language file added
================================== KNOWN ISSUE ============================
Overlay effect may not work in IE8. All other features work perfectly there.
Any other browser (IE9, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera) works fine.

================================== DESCRIPTION ============================

This is the player extension that is being used on tushev.org. I originally created this plugin for my own site.

To embed the player, you can use the following syntax:

Basic: {flowplayer}path-to-your-file{/flowplayer}
More options: {flowplayer width=640 height=480}path-to-your-file{/flowplayer}
Advanced: {flowplayer popup=1 img=path-to-initial-image width=640 height=480 viral=0 subtitles=path-to-subtitles splashtype=1 loop=1 }path-to-your-file{/flowplayer}

There are more than 14 plugin options. You can find a complete description of them all in plugin configuration, once you’ve installed the plugin.
You can use this code EVERYWHERE – in modules, in pure html etc, not only in articles. This is a benefit of System-type plugin.
If you specify RSS file instead of video file, it will be used as a playlist. The description of the format is on my site.

If you want to create your own skin, REGISTER on flowplayer.org and SETUP YOUR OWN PLAYER – it’s easy.

FlowPlayer Reloaded already has language files for English, German, and Chinese languages. You also can help me translating it to your language – see details on the site.
IMPORTANT: language files for v3.0 are not updated yet, only English translation is included to the package. As soon as translators send me the changes, I’ll include them into the release.

IMPORTANT: this version (3.0) uses FlowPlayer Flash: http://flash.flowplayer.org/download/
HTML5 version will be released with FlowPlayer Reloaded 4.0

See more info, tips, FAQ on my website: http://tushev.org/

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