* 1.5.4 release: Security, performance, routing and new fields.
IMPORTANT: As this release contains two security fixes, all users should upgrade immediately!!!
* 1.5.3 release: Frontend editing and many other improvements
Complete changelog available on the product download page.
* FLEXIcontent wins the special award of “Best innovation of the Year” and J and Beyond international developer conference



FLEXIcontent is primarily an advanced content management system developed to replace the native article manager of Joomla! 1.5 (com_content)

It adds the professional features required to build a collaborative web publishing system.
Even if it’s not its primary purpose, it can also manage records by presenting them the way of a directory.

Thus, FLEXIcontent was designed to manage content in a broad sense, and can organise articles, image or video galleries, job offers, product catalogues, business directories, a.s.o. within a single user interface.

This means for the end user, unparalleled simplicity of use, everything happens in one place. Mastering 10 components to be able to administrate an entire website isn’t required anymore.
For the web designer it means also the end of the headaches for the maintenance and updates of all installed extensions.

FLEXIcontent is an extension for Joomla! developed in 1.5 native mode and complying with the naming and coding conventions of the Framework (MVC frontend and backend). Thus, its portability to future versions will be greatly facilitated.

• Nested categories (unlimited depth)
• Multi-mapping
• Advanced filtering
• Backend boleean search engine with fulltext indexing
• Usage of Joomla content and category tables for content backwards and forwards compatibility (this means it extends the com_content instead of replacing it)
• Trigger content plugins
• Allow usage of all com_content designed modules
• Simple workflow with 5 hard coded states
• Advanced version control
• Integrated aggregation system (tags)
• File manager for secure downloads and media files
• Perfect urls with the native SEF from Joomla
• Advanced Joomfish support, with native multilingual user interface.
• Ajax rating systems
• Ajax commenting system
• Favourites and update notifications
• Contents and Categories templates
• Article submission and editing (NEW)
• Unlimited content types with associated fields
• Drag and drop templating
• Each field/element is a standard Joomla plugin and developpers can easily create their own fields using our API
• Dynamically generated fields (with SQL queries)
• Universal Plugin support (more information)
• Specific granular ACL management (front and backend).
• Hierarchical inheritance (category → subcategory → … → content)

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