Flashdo Sliding Image Gallery XML v7

Flashdo Sliding Image Gallery XML v7



Includes WordPress & Joomla plugins

Supports HTML formatting

XML driven flash image / picture / photo banner rotator

Displays JPG, GIF, PNG images and SWF files

All data can be changed in the XML file

Supports multiple banners, can display swf and/or image files

Time period for each banner is set in the XML file (second based)

You can set first visible item from XML

Rounded corner radius for soften edges

Transition type to x, y or alpha. (Default value is x)

Set blur values (0 to not blur) of transition

You can show / hide buttons

Spacing between buttons set in XML

You can change button, thumbnail sizes from XML

You can show / hide content

Content background alpha, bgcolor, bottom padding

Default, rollOver, current / selected button title, description, thumbnail border & background colors

You can change button backgrounds from XML which uses gradient fill script

Color – font size of title & description contents

CSS file path

Includes a html swfObject embed example with parameters

Help file is included


– You can change button positions to left or right by XML.

– Auto-scroll appears if you enter more than 4 items or when total buttons height exceeds banner height.

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