Firebee Gallery

Firebee Gallery Joomla Extention – A simple gallery/slideshow plugin for Joomla 1.6. It automatically resizes images to display them in your chosen layout. Option to start the slideshow on page load. It also supports image captions.




– Supports jpeg, gif and png
– Supports 1.6
– Creates thumbnails and resizes automatically – just point it at a folder full of images
– Slideshow – Can be set to automatically start on page load.
– Image / caption Fade time between images can be changed
– Customize the color scheme
– Tested in IE / Firefox / Chrome / Opera / Safari
– Comes with 2 free layouts
– Supports image captions
– Plugin – Can be placed any where in an article
– Supports multiple galleries per article.
– Resizable

One thought on “Firebee Gallery

  1. Hi I have been using firebee Gallery for years on Joomla up to 2.5
    But I cannot find a similar slideshow for joomla 3.1 which I am testing
    can you help at all please.
    Most seem to be limited to the number of photo’s in one show
    I have used firebee with upto 175 photo’s in one go
    eg :
    any help would be appreciated
    Barrie Webmaster SWWMCC

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