Facebook Graph Connect

Facebook Connect for Joomla implements new Facebook OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization, this extension lets Facebook users quickly register on your site.
A Connect with Facebook button is displayed on a selected module position, where users can easily Login or Register by click on it.

If you already have lots of users in Joomla, they don’t need to create new account, It has option to auto link people with same email address or have them manually link it.
After registration they are automatically logged in! Next time they visit your site, they can either click Facebook connect button or use temp password/username already sent in their email.

* Implements new Facebook OAuth 2.0 protocol for authentication and authorization
* Auto/Manual Registration with valid email and facebook name
* Content Plugin to show Facebook Login Buttons in Articles without Module. Code : {fblogin}
* Option to show only login button or Full login form
* Option to hide/show profile picture
* Statistics page that tells recently registered users.
* Facebook wall post on registration.
* New Facebook Div tags supported
* Disable / Enable “Publish on wall” feature on registration.
* Supports all new Facebook DIV tags and FBMLs.

*Note: This extension requires you to create a facebook application for your site here :http://developers.facebook.com/setup/ and grab it’s APP ID and APP secret, which needs to be inserted in component parameter fields in your admin CP.

Installation Instruction : http://www.saaraan.com/2011/11/facebook-connect-installation/
Facebook Setup Instruction : http://www.saaraan.com/2011/11/creating-facebook-application-for-your-site/

Change Log
2.4 †† Fixed API Error Code: 191.
2.3 †† Fixed IE 8 login problem, Checks empty fb data, Added channel file
2.2(Beta) †† Login form added to module. Fixed logout problem in J5. † Content Plugin added, write {fblogin} in articles to display FB login button without module.
2.1(Beta) †† French & Danish Languages Added (Thanks to mourad & povl). No major issues reported yet.
2.0 (Beta) †† Re-Written from the ground up. Removed cookie system, removed login form, minimized redirections & many more..
1.x † No longer supported.

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