EXP Auto

EXP Auto vehicle component allows you to manage properties in your website in an easy and effective way while using Joomla! 1.5/1.6/1.7/2.5/3.0 . This powerful combination enable you to run a autos website and use the most user friendly open source Web Content Management System (CMS) available today. Everyone can create your own independ platform in Internet for car sell by using auto component. Component use Model-View-Controller Component (MVC).

#Unlimited skins(templates) for each page
#Mobile device support
#Export/Import ZIP archive with images
#Easily manage properties on the web
#Publish and showcase your property with a click of button
#Multilanguage support
#Change the layout easily – CSS-based design
#JOOM!Fish support(for Joomla 1.5)
#FaLang support(for Joomla 2.5)
#ADD country,fuel,drive,transmission,color,bodytype,condition… in admin area
#Ads showed in list
#Unlimited images in ads (set amount of images in admin area)
#Change amount of column in admin area
#and more.

#Compare Page
#new RSS module with configuration

#Add support SEF
#Create Plugins

Admin Area component:
1)Categories image and more Use fields
2)Makes image , Copy/Move makes
3)Models image , Copy/Move models
4)Bodytype image, Copy/Move Bodytype
5)Drive image
6)Fuel image
7)Transmission image
8)Condition image
9)Color image and you can select show in List Page image or text color
10)Equipment Category image , Copy/Move Equipment Category
11)Equipment image , Copy/Move Equipment
12)Unlimited User Levels (you can create unlimited User Levels for each variable)
13)Currency Character
14)New select field Extra field1 with separate Category
15)New select field Extra field2
16)New select field Extra field3
17)Export/Import new code and create XML
18)Add have Solid , reserved button

3 style Price and very easy add new price style
Stock number
Add Embed video Front end , Back end
Ads count,count image,price for each User Level
New Menu variable

Front End component:
1)Default code without mootools and jQuery library (no problem with conflict library)
2)Categories show/hide image
3)Show/Hide empty Makes
4)Show/Hide empty Models
5)List Page more configuration
6)Payment Level Page
7)Dealer List Page (You can select in configuration User Levels for show this page)
8)Dealer Detail Page
9)All payment system in module
10)User can Solid,reserved ad (you can enable/disable this in configuration)
11)One function for price style

And more ….

1)Payment PayPal module work in all payment page
2)Add to ShortList
3)Search module save all variable
4)New Images module with new variable

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