Ermark Urban Blog – WordPress

Finaly we launched the Ermark Urban Blog, the wordpress version. The release was delayed because we wanted to integrate one of the most important feature from the HTML version, THE DYNAMIC COLORIZATION FEATURE . If don’t know what that means please visit the html version, on the wordpress version the colorization works exactly the same but the styler is available only after you log in.


No more switching back and forth between admin and theme to customize

One of the coolest things and that it’s realy unique is that when you select a color for one of the elements, let’s say the city landscape, the modification happens live, the images are colored using gd library after they are replaced using ajax, and you don’t have to leave the the site and switch to the admin, you can play with colors right there and built your color scheme on spot.

This is what we understand by unlimited color combinations

Basicaly you can create an infinite color schemes right there on the theme, not just by switching some predefined backgrounds and changing some css rules, Urban Blog allows you to colorize most of the images using php gd library, changing the cufon color live, and more. This way you have the capability to elaborate very cool color schemes.

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