Enable TinyMCE editor for post the_excerpt

Adding this snippet to the functions.php of your wordpress theme will add the TinyMCE editor to the post excerpt textarea.



function tinymce_excerpt_js(){ ?>
<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery(document).ready( tinymce_excerpt );
function tinymce_excerpt() {
tinyMCE.execCommand("mceAddControl", false, "excerpt");
<?php }
add_action( 'admin_head-post.php', 'tinymce_excerpt_js');
add_action( 'admin_head-post-new.php', 'tinymce_excerpt_js');
function tinymce_css(){ ?>
<style type='text/css'>
#postexcerpt .inside{margin:0;padding:0;background:#fff;}
#postexcerpt .inside p{padding:0px 0px 5px 10px;}
#postexcerpt #excerpteditorcontainer { border-style: solid; padding: 0; }
<?php }
add_action( 'admin_head-post.php', 'tinymce_css');
add_action( 'admin_head-post-new.php', 'tinymce_css');

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