Elang Admin Theme


TYPOGRAPHY: Heading, Post Title Heading, Lead Body Copy, Left & Right Blockquotes, Dropcap & Overlapped, Custom Ordered List, Description List, Unordered List Custom Bullets.

TABLE STYLES: Basic, Striped, Bordered + Striped + Hover, Grey Thead, Blue Thead, Green Thead, Red Thead, Orange Thead, Optional Row Classes, Data Tables.

PRICING TABLES: 4 Columns Blue, 4 Columns Green, 4 Columns Red, 4 Columns Orange, 3 Columns Blue, 3 Columns Green, 3 Columns Red, 3 Columns Orange.

FORM ELEMENTS: Default Style, Inline Form, Horizontal Form, Search Form, Prepended Inputs, Appended Inputs, Prepend Append, Focused / Disabled, Selects, Pickers (date picker, time picker, date time picker, color picker), Textareas (default, auto resize, character limit, WYSIWYG), Validation States, Input sizes, Form wizard.

IMAGE STYLES: Circle, rounded, polaroid, left paper pile, right paper pile.

ICONS: FontAwesome, Iconic.

BUTTONS & BUTTON GROUPS: 7 bootstrap’s colors + 50 custom colors.

NAVS: Tabs (Top, bottom, left, right), Pills (6 different active link bg colors), Nav list (6 different active link bg colors).

NAVBARS: Grey navbar, Dark navbar, Blue navbar, Green navbar, Orange navbar, Red navbar.

DROPDOWNS: Button dropdowns, Split button dropdowns, Pills dropdowns, Tabs dropdowns, Navbar dropdowns, Breadcrumb dropdowns.

PAGINATIONS: Default style paginations (6 colors), Client side pagination.

PROGRESS BARS: Small progress bars, Default size progress bars.

SLIDERS: Horizontal slider, Horizontal range slider, Vertical slider, Vertical range slider, Date range slider.

MODALS: Default style, Tabbed modal, Form wizard modal.

INTERACTIONS: Tooltips, Clickable Popover, Alerts, Alert blocks.

ACCORDIONS: Grey heading, Dark heading, Blue heading, Green heading, Orange heading, Red heading.

CAROUSELS: Default style, Fade effect, With Pagination, With thumbnails.

TYPEAHEAD / AUTOCOMPLETE: Autocomplete dropdown with icon, Autocomplete dropdown with thumbnails.

CHARTS: Mini pie chart, Mini bar chart, Mini line chart, Single value donut chart, Line chart, Bar charts, Pie chart, Donut chart.

WIDGETS: Info widgets, Widget with dropdowns, Widget with vertical button groups, Widget with tabs.


DEPENDENCIES: jquery, bootstrap 2.1, jquery peity, jquery knob, jquery jqplot, jquery elastic, jquery uniform, bootstrap datepicker, jquery timePicker, jquery simple-color-picker, jquery chosen, bootstrap wysihtml5, jquery limit, jquery formToWizard, jquery-ui slider, jquery dataTables, jquery jscrollpane, fullcalendar, jPages, jquery masonry, FontAwesome, Iconic.

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