Eat 24/7 – Magento theme

Eat 24/7 – premium magento theme with custom admin module.

Main Code Features


All theme files were re-coded using html5 murkups and grid system principles that gives you ability to organize your content in up to 12 columns per row. All animations you can see in modern browsers were made using CSS3

Main Features

Standalone package
Our theme is standalone package that allows you easy create your own themes based on our one

Fully Customizable Home Page
Using our own slider module + widgets you can customize your home page without any coding

Customizable Layout

  • Changing position of sidebar
  • Product collateral block as accordion or simple list
  • Two layouts for my cart page: standard and as accordion

Sliders anywhere!
“Wishlist Block”, “More Views”, “Related Products” and products in widgets can be displayed as slider

Customizable Sidebar
Any of sidebar blocks can be disabled from admin panel. Some of them can be displayed as accordion or slider


Theme Options Module

We worked hard to give our clients ability to make a customize process very easy with our “Meigee/ThemeOptions module”. Let’s take a look what you can do with this module:

General Options


Product Page Options

You can customize some parts of a product page without any coding just in a few clicks.


Sidebar Options

Any of sidebar blocks can be disabled from admin panel. “Categories” and “Show By” can be displayed as a accordion, wishlist as a slider


Meigee UI Widgets

Using our widgets you can make your store unique just from admin panel. Show your products (New Products or Featured Category) as a grid view, list view or slider with many options without any coding.

Product Widgets


  • Grid You can set amount of columns and amount of products to display. As our theme based on grid system it gives you a great opportunity to set up to 4 products per line.
  • List You can set amount of products to display.
  • Slider is most powerful kind of our product widgets. Speed, Display Slide Quantity, Move Slide Quantity, Easing – these options give you ability to change a view of your slider whatever you want, and all this without any coding.

Tabs Widget

If you want to show some additional information on any of your pages you can use our tabs widget. You can create up to 5 tabs in one widget and put it into any page or static block.


Social Links Widget

Show links to your social profiles wherever you want using our widget.


Header Slider Module

This powerful module allows you to organize the header slider from admin panel. Header Slider based on coin slider

Slider Options

There are many slider options you can set from admin panel.



Just upload your image, set a link, set a title (suports html tags) and that’s it!



We use SVN in our work to control version of templates. What does it mean? It means you can always update your copy of theme very easy even after a ton of custom changes because we provide .diff files with theme files. Just compare your files with changed ones after new version will be realeased.

Release Notes

Ver. 1.0.2 (15/05/2012)

  • Fixed: Wrong layout of product page if product hasn’t more view images
  • Fixed: Not-flexibility sizes of homepage header slider.

Ver. 1.0.1 (14/05/2012)

  • Fixed: Changing background patern from admin panel
  • Fixed: line-height for special price block

Ver. 1.0.0 (09/05/2012)

  • Magento Community Edition,
  • Template release

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