Dynamic Image Gallery and Slideshow

This extremely lightweight JavaScript image gallery and slideshow script clocks in under 3kb packed and includes a number of cool features.

Here is an example of the markup…

The list section is the important element to the gallery. Each li has a value property that is set to the name of the full-size image. The interface is very flexible and can easily be altered in the HTML and CSS.

You will also need to setup the variables below and include the slideshow JavaScript…

var imgid = 'image'; // id of image div //
var imgdir = 'fullsize'; // full-size image directory //
var imgext = '.jpg'; // full-size image extension //
var thumbid = 'thumbs'; // id of the thumbnail container //
var auto = true; // automatic rotation toggle //
var autodelay = 5; // seconds before the image rotates //


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