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Free Drupal theme

Here we are introducing you a eyes catching professional free drupal theme from our drupal theme designers. It is mainly developed for company profiles.It is a powerful base theme, with only single layout options. Its having natural color from the blue of the sky. The cool and calming effect of blue gives visitors a good feeling when they arrive. The overall design aim is, not to be complicated, but to be sufficiently enough. It can be your personal homepages, business or anything similar. No complex logic in this drupal theme and it is Built for flexible uses.


1) Strict XHTML and CSS validation.
2) Validated with W3C.
3) It has got one level of Built-in suckerfish dropdowns.
4) Supports standard theme features like logo, site name, site slogan, primary links, secondary links, favicon. Strictly follows Drupal coding standards.
5) It has got Top search box.
6) Flexible regions
7) Tested inIE7, IE8, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Safari 3.2 & Chrome.

This drupal theme is intended for those who want a simple layout with the ability to easily change simple aspects. This unique color scheme of this theme makes it appealing and be readily used by anybody.

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