Download Simplestore Magento Theme

Simplestore is H&O’s premium template for Magento designers and developers who want to deliver eCommerce solutions for small businesses and startups with efficiency and ease. Simplestore gives a unique look & feel by distinctive alignment, proper use of whitespace and creative redesign of all major parts or your Magento webshop. It’s the perfect fundament for your custom design or can be used straight out-of-the box with one of the 7 free presets that give your shop a complete different look. Simplestore also strips down your installation to the core minimum: it’s Magento without everything-you-don’t-need when just starting with eCommerce.


Simplestore has the following experience improving, functionality adding or design defining features:

  • Google map on default Contact Us page
  • Small, simple and usable image slider that looks great with every kind of product
  • Modal box mini cart that shows vital cart information on click
  • Reorganized ass-kicking cart design
  • Customized checkout design based on our CSS Only checkout
  • Nifty animationsEnhanced image gallery that actually makes sense<
  • Graphic product descriptions

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