DJ Image Slider

The DJ-Image Slider extension allows you to display image slides with title and short description linked to any menu item or url address.

Component features:

  • create categories for your slides
  • link it to your menu item or any URL
  • add the description that will overlay the image (can be disabled in module’s settings)
  • upload images easily

Module features:

  • select if module should work with dj-imageslider component or as standalone (images from folder)
  • select slider’s type (horizontal, vertical, fade)
  • select the category of images to be displayed
  • choose the options for the module:
  • – show/hide title
  • – show/hide description
  • – show/hide readmore
  • – enable/disable title link
  • – enable/disable link description

Set parameters:

  • image width/height
  • amount of visible images at once!
  • space between images
  • maximum of images
  • ordering (file name/ordering, random)!
  • slide effect (bounce/linear/cubic/expo/bacl/elastic)
  • set autoplay on/off
  • show play/pause button
  • show next/prev buttons

Advanced parameters:

  • set description width
  • set description position
  • customize buttons! (add the path to your own buttons)
  • allign the navigation bar easily
  • set slides’ effect, duration, delay

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