Dione Sexy Slider

Dione Sexy Slider extention is a Joomla! extension, which allows you to organise very effective sliding of your images.You can use 16 unique transition effects. This solution will satisfy requirements even of the most exacting user.


* Uses CSS 3 feature – nice viewing of images in all modern browsers
* Generates W3C valid XHTML and adds no JS global variables & passes JSLint
* Pure JS and PHP codes (no Flash)
* Possibility to avoid conflicts with other versions of libraries (JQuery, Mootols)
* Several customizable properties (you can apply options both in the template, and on the Joomla’s Back-End side)
* 16 unique transition effects
* Can display photos from a local folder
* Can display Flickr photos and Flickr photo sets (requires Flickr API)
* Can display Picasa album photos
* Can display Photobucket albums
* Supports multiple galleries on one page
* Simple clean & valid markup
* Supports linking images
* HTML Captions
* Built in directional and control navigation
* Complete process control of sliding by means of many parameters (such as speed, timeout, animation type, orientation and many others)
* Keyboard Navigation
* Special debug functionality to analyze all problems during two-three minutes
* If you have any ideas how we can improve this extension, we’ll add all necessary changes as soon as possible
* Our company guarantees to you qualitative and timely support. Join thousands of happy customers
* Contains detailed help. More information about using the product you can detect in our technical documentation

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