D4J Joomla Facebook Photo Stream – facebook albums in your joomla website

D4J Joomla Facebook Photo Stream is a great way for you to show your facebook albums (in your Facebook page) on joomla website.
You and Your visitors easy to view your  Facebook page photos stream on your website , do not need to leave site to view Facebook photos. Photos will load from your Facebook photo stream directly that means no server bandwidth usage & storage costs for you!
Easy to installation and control it, and support for any Joomla version:  1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.x website.

facebook photo album for joomla

facebook photo album for joomla



facebook photo album for joomla PrettyPhoto jQuery lightbox support

facebook photo album for joomla PrettyPhoto jQuery lightbox support


Special it is Free Free Free
– Work on Joomla 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 and 3.x.

With: component, module and plugin, you can place your facebook albums anywhere 🙂
– Uses the Facebook Graph API v3.0.
– Responsive support with  Twitter bootstrap – Easy to view on your Smarphone, tablets,MAC.
Photos will load from Facebook, no more disk spacer and banwidth
– Automatic update picture to you album if you upload by your facebook account.
– Creat multi facebook accounts.
– Allows manage album.
– Show title Facebook gallery, Show facebook description and number of photos for each album.
– Lightbox tooltip Jquery Support
– PrettyPhoto – jQuery lightbox support
– Special support for SEO (Search Engine Optimize) and SEF (Search Engine Friendly)
– Fully compatible all Browsers IE7+, Firefox 2+, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5

– Social button to share and Like for each photo

–  Options allow you to Select what album Type: Cover, Wall, Profiels, Mobile, App…

Demo: D4J Joomla Facebook Photo Stream – facebook albums in your  joomla website

Download and Support: Im adding more functions, please Contact us for free download
Download directlink:


Download component for Joomla 2.5.x : D4J Joomla Facebook Photo Stream – facebook albums in your  joomla website

Download component for Joomla 3.x : D4J Joomla Facebook Photo Stream – facebook albums in your  joomla website

Download Module D4J facebook Album Module: D4J Joomla Facebook Album Module

Download Module D4J facebook Album Plugin: D4J facebook Album Plugin

How to Use:

1. How to installation D4J Joomla Facebook Photo Stream component for your website

2. How to Get Facebook App ID and Secret Key for D4J Facebook Joomla album

3. How to display Facebook Album in Your Joomla contents

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++++++++++++++Version History+++++++++++++++++
31/08/2014 Version 2.5.16 Released
Bug Fix Erros 500 – REST API is deprecated for versions v2.1 and higher
Update Graph API versions
Update Boostrap version

25/07/2014 Version 2.5.13 Released

Bug fix for joomla 3.3.x

18/04/2014 Version 2.5.12 released

Bug fix: getting the error message: This IP can’t make requests for that application.

Thank Mr. Claire Haas

15/04/2014: version 2.5.11 released
Fixbug for joomla 3.3
and admin view for 3.x


13/March/2014: Version 2.5.10

Fisrt I want to say Thanks to Mr. Vitor Carneiro Bugs Report

For 2.5.10 Add options to SHOW ALBUM TITLE, and NUMER Albums Photos Per Row

Fixes Css and JS bugs.


11/March/2014: Version support for Joomla 2.5.x and joomla 3.x

Happy to realeased D4J Facebook Plugin , now you can place your album anywhere with D4J component, module, plugin

Bug Fix: Catergory and albums fillter for you to creat multialbums

10/March/2014: Version support for Joomla 2.5.x and joomla 3.x

Sercurity bug fix

Fix for loading speed.

Add more field for configurations

Support for multipages by using catergories manager

25/Fed/2014: Version update for joomla 2.5.x

Fix bug language files update, and cant remove demo contents (Thanks to Mr. Patrick McNamara From US )
10/Feb/2014 : Version Joomla 2.5.x , Version 3.0.6 joomla 3.x
Update parrameter allow you to sellect album name (TYPPE): Normal Pictures, Profile Pictures, Cover Photos, Mobile Uploads, Timeline Photos.
09/Feb/2014 : Version Joomla 2.5.x , Version 3.0.5 joomla 3.x
Load all albums and Photos with Pagenation
05/Feb/2014 : Version Joomla 2.5.x , Version 3.0.3 joomla 3.x
11/12/2013 : Version Joomla 2.5.x , Version 3.0.2 joomla 3.x


50 thoughts on “D4J Joomla Facebook Photo Stream – facebook albums in your joomla website

  1. Hi there

    Trying to integrate your extension into our website, still a bit of a rookie at it, could you give a step by step tutorial? Have managed to install the extension and link it to our facebook page, but not sure how to actually get it onto the website


  2. Hello, I cant manage the albums, but what mean for you “- Allows manage album.” ??? For me it means to hide some albums what I dont wannt to show to guests … The question is, how to do this, how to except albums? by id or whatever …

  3. Hello, this plugin is awesome! Only problem is that when I click on one of the pictures, it does not come up in a lightbox. Instead it comes up in a new page all blown up. Any ideas?

  4. I have downloaded and installed your Facebook Photo Stream Component, and it was nice and easy to intall it, but I have one issue…The font size of the names of each album is very large, how can I make this text smaller?

  5. Hi
    I am using this extension since a couple of days ago. I like it but I would like to personalize it a litle. For example a album title is too big,as well as each photo title is to big.
    Only 25 photos of each album?
    POsibility to decide which Facebook album you want to show on web page???


  6. What must i write in “Facebook Name or ID *” ?

    Example if my name is facebook.com/richard

    i must write only richard? And the album where is selected?


  7. Hi, I used your component, but it dont werk for me. The Example sites you provided are visible, but not the sites I put. They dont work with name or id. 🙁

  8. hello,
    pretty new to joomla.
    I’m not able to make it happen with your component.
    Do you have any tutorials.
    I was able to install but not to include albums in article.
    should i create a plugin or module to wrap the component?
    must i create a Facebook app user?


  9. Is there a way to show “only one gallery”? Currently it lists “profile photos, cover photos and other galleries. I don’t wish it to be categorized and I wish to show only one particular gallery.

  10. Very Nice component. I had to modify it though, before using it. This is because facebook page ids and album ids and picture ids are getting to be quite large integers (BIG INT) and the current install works well for pages and albums with smaller int as id.

    After this discovery, I added , JSON_BIGINT_AS_STRING to all the json_decode processes and all worked like a charm. Only issue with that is that now, at least php 5.4 is required as , JSON_BIGINT_AS_STRING in not supported in php 5.3 and it has issues in php 5.5 so please look into that when you get the chance to.

    Looking into implementing this modified version of Service_JSON – https://gist.github.com/itspriddle/845016 – to make things work in lover versions of PHP – i will advise how that goes…if at all.

    • Thanks Allan
      this is good Ideas
      Solution is: if(USE_JSON_BIGINT_AS_STRING) $j= json_decode($json ,true, 512, JSON_BIGINT_AS_STRING );
      else $j= json_decode($json,true );

      If you want to changes it.
      I will consider to check it for next update.
      Best Rgr.

      • Hi Lamvt,

        Can you tell me the specific file(s) I need to enter the above code into to make this work for me? I’m hoping it will solve my problem with not displaying my Facebook “group” photo albums. I’m not getting any errors messages but it is only showing the navigation buttons but my group photos won’t display (link below). I checked and verified that the albums are available for anyone to view so it is not a permissions issue. I’d appreciate any help you can give to get this resolved. Thanks.


  11. Hello,

    I downloaded and installed the plugin without any problems, however, when I try to link to a “group” photo album it will not disable any of the album. You can click the link below to see that the plugin is installed correctly and no errors are reported, however,
    I can’t view any of the albums or pics. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.


  12. Hi!
    Nice for all your work, but i’ve a problem: in my 2.5.19 site, the application will show (with the new version the number of ID of the Fanpage.
    There’s a way to hide it???
    And i notice even that my templates goes wrong, the album will go in the left for about 5-10 pixel.
    Thanks in advance

    • Hello Max, thanks for your feedback.
      For the Fanpage ID, you change it, by Your fanpage Name, it better.
      and Futures, I will add options allow to SHOW: YE/NO

      About your CSS, depending your template, I will contact you for details

  13. Can’t get it work 🙁 Parser error message when clicking on the Facebook Album button in Joomla. I’ve created and entered the Facebook AppID and Secret. Using Joomla 2.5.

  14. Dear JoomQuery

    I very like your D4J Joomla Facebook Photo Stream component.
    I have only one wish.
    Your component doesn’t keep the aspect ration of the pictures. They are distorted.
    It would be a great update a crop function.

    Thanks in advance

    Zsombor Komaromi

  15. This extension is excellent!! I had been searching for an extension like this for a long time now. I am using an extension something similar to this or my J2.5 site, and now when I upgrade to J3 I had a hard time for the extension. Highly recommended.

    Also, thanks Lamvt for the instant support…

  16. Hi

    I installed your great component (thanks!) but I dont’ get it to work. I typed all the FB app stuff in the options as described, but when I want to create a new album, I get the error

    500 Layout „default“ not found!

    I’m working with a optimum template…



  17. The extension looks great, but I get an error when I hit the “FacebookAlbum” button.
    The error is: 0 Session key invalid or no longer valid

    I installed the component, plugin and module. I created a new facebook app. I entered the details in the component. I created a album (test) and added an album with my facebook name (also tried the graph id). Then I hit the FacebookAlbum button and the error appears.

    The facebook app has an name, email address and platform (website). The rest is empty. I also added the url of the website I’m adding the extension but that doesn’t make a difference.

    Does somebody know how to solve this? Do I something wrong?

  18. Hi, I followed the instructions but when I try to access the plugin or menu – I get the error 500 – Parser error: unexpected ‘AND’ at position 62.

    Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance !

  19. Grate extension. However there is a problem in joomloa 3.3 comonent: “This IP can’t make requests for that application”.
    Any hints?

  20. I get the message to check my options, and after updating my facebook id and secret, it still tells me over and over to go into my options. I cant get any further. Can you please help?

  21. Hi, I can get this to work! I installed it on Joomla! 2.5 and did everything as described in the instructions (or as far as i could understand as it is based on 3.X).

    I made the Facebook app, entered the ID and Secret key, made a menu item, created a category and album (that is named after the facebook ID). I tried everything. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!

    I have sent a email with screenshots of every step that i did to support a couple of days ago, but have not had any response!

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