D Articles

Make your Joomla Articles available to your readers through a nice and simple to use Calendar.

Joomla is an amazing system, but unfortunately lacks the versatility to allow you organize your content based on anything else besides menus.


D Articles Calendar expands Joomla by offering you the ability to better organize your content on a beautiful and simple to use calendar, based on dates.


-You can show the articles from any category, section or combination of them as events on the Calendar.
-You can show articles based on creation, publication start, publication end dates or publication duration (multi-day events), or use your own custom dates.
-You can specify how far in the past the calendar should look for articles.
-You can mark your elements/articles as free (green), restricted (orange) or not-free (red)(eg for room availability).
-You can select Week, month or 2-month calendar mode.
-You can select a different date format according to your location (YYYY-MM-DD, MM-DD-YYYY, DD-MM-YYYY).
-You can render the calendar anywhere in the page (not only in the module area).
-You can fully customize the Calendar’s style.
-You can show your articles with fully SEF links.

Changelog (2011-02-08):

* Fixes a bug where moving to the next month skips one month.
* Added an extra day marking scheme for “News” (marked as blue).
* Changed Styling to allow IE 6 and 7 to not display previous and next month s days.
* Small rendering speed change
* Minor cosmetic changes

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