Cursor following translucent float menu jQuery CSS3

A website navigation menu that follows the cursor, created with the jQuery framework and CSS that’s easy to implement and configure.

The idea behind the script was to create a floating navigation that follows the moving cursor throughout the page. The goal was to make the menu itself as minimal as possible with “discreet” float animation to avoid obtrusiveness and help usability. The end result features simple markup, two levels navigation and styling via css.


How to use it

Inside the head tag of your document attach the menu stylesheet (malihu.cfm.css) which holds the style for the menu and load both jquery.min.js (straight from Google) and the jquery.easing.1.3.js plugin that adds custom easing to our animations.

Inside the body tag, insert the menu markup

You can have a single sub-level on menu options by adding an additional unordered list inside list items.

Add the menu script and plugin at the end of the document, just before the closing body tag.

//cursor following menu config
$mouseover_title="+ MENU"; //menu title text on mouse-over
$mouseout_title="MENU"; //menu title text on mouse-out
$menu_following_speed=2000; //the speed in which the menu follows the cursor (in milliseconds)
$menu_cursor_space=30; //space between cursor and menu
$menu_show_speed="slow"; //menu open animation speed
$menu_show_easing="easeOutExpo"; //menu open animation easing type
$menu_hide_speed="slow"; //menu close animation speed
$menu_hide_easing="easeInExpo"; //menu close animation easing type

You can easily configure the menu by changing each variable to your liking.


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