CssJsCompress – Gzip Compression joomla

Notice:Please update to version 3.3, all previous version have a security bug.
Plugin CssJsCompress can automatically optimize external resources like CSS and JavaScript,
which can reduce both the size and number of requests made to your website.
CSS files can be aggregated and compressed into a single file,
while JavaScript files are only aggregated (but not compressed).
These optimizations may reduce server load, bandwidth requirements, and page loading times.


Major Features:
1. Css aggregation and optimization.
2. Javascript aggregation.
3. GZip aggregated Css and Javascript files. Only GZip one time, then load from cache next time.
4. Client’s side cache.

Many thanks to FidoBoy, he has given a lot of test and some useful suggestions.

V1.2 Fix dynamic css bug. We will just ignore the dynamic css files(.css.php).

V1.3 Use dynamic css/js to load aggregated css/js.

1.Solve mootools and jquery conflict problems.
2.Add custom javascript order to solve javascript dependency.

1.Add Css and Javascript exclusion. Thus, 2.CssJsCompress will ignore these css and javascript files.

1.Use dynamic gzip compress to avoid possible Content encoding error.
2. Add Language files. Support English, Simplified Chinese.
3. Change some text field to textarea field.

V1.7 Cache JavaScripts and Css files under Joomla Cache directory, so that admin can clear them with Joomla Cache management.
V1.8 Add Last-Modified header, and give a large Expires time.

V1.9 Fix a variable undefined bug.
V2.0 Fix a bug when Joomla installed a sub dir of a domain.

V2.1 Fix https URL bug generated for css image.
V2.2 Use relative URL instead of absolute URL.
V2.3 Add a lot of predefined CSS and JavaScript Exclude Files.
V2.4 Add exclude components function.
V2.5 Fix Css import bug.
V2.6 Auto exclude IE conditional Css files.
V2.7 Fix a warning bug.
V2.8 Fix implode warning bug.
V2.9 Fix a RUL bug under Windows.
V3.0 Fix a variable overridden and variable undefined bug.
V3.1 Fix a variable undefined bug.
V3.2 Load css file before js file to make site load faster.
V3.3 Fix a security bug.
1. An option to load the compressed JavaSript at the bottom of the page.
2. Minify HTML Option.
3. Fix a css verifying bug.
1. Fix a JavaScript exclusion bug.

DOWNLOAD: joomlatags.org/joomla-plugin-css-javascript-aggregate-compression.html


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