Crisp and Clean fully responsive Magento

Crisp and Clean Magento supports Magento CE version 1.4.1.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x,, and 1.7.02
Now fully responsive!

The site will automatically change the layout when opened from a smaller screen like a mobile phone or iPad. Try it by resizing your browser, refresh your page when the new page loads.

It’s what everyone wants so we listened to the people and made it a reality!

Stylish simplicity and navigational clarity work together in this theme to provide exactly what the name implies: a crisp and clean user interface. White, open space makes way for the homepage’s two uniquely-designed custom galleries, both of which will instantly intrigue the viewer. Dominated by a striking three-way image slider, the homepage is an opportunity to showcase products in an artistic way or, if you want, to use three related images to evoke a product’s story or feel within the customer’s mind.

The image slider at the base of the page is simpler, but its use of reversing arrows as controllers adds a contemporary touch.

Amazon-style menus provide subnavigation, but in untraditional fashion. Menus open up to large, multi-column submenus where styles collections or categories can be compared side by side. The size of the submenus leaves room for clarity, so the viewer won’t be squinting their eyes, opening window after window of tiny submenus to find what they need.

On the product pages, free Lightbox gallery integration is included to display large images of your items.

Crisp and Clean includes all the pages you need to set up your online store:

Ultra crisp, clean and clear layout.
Plenty of white space for high legibility and easy reading.
Unique custom gallery on homepage
Detects iPad visitors and serves up an iPad-friendly version of the site
Custom lower galleries with reversing arrows
Lightbox gallery on product pages for displaying jumbo product images
Custom cart preview modal window
Amazon style (but better looking!) huge multi-column subnavigation

What You Get
This cohesive theme includes design for everything you need to launch your online store:

Homepage (Image gallery is included for free)
Category Landing Page / Product Listing Page
Product Page with free Lightbox gallery integration included
Register / Sign In Page
My Account Pages
Shopping Cart Page
Checkout Page
Content Page template
Email Header

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