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Cookie Confirm is the ultimate Joomla cookie extension, which helps you comply with the EU Cookie Law. It’s easy to setup and it really blocks cookies unless they’re allowed to set (¹). Blocked content is automatically replaced with placeholders, including an ‘Accept Cookies’ button. Visitors can change their preferences at any time via the cookie shortcut at the bottom of the page, which also shows their current preference. Cookie Confirm uses a responsive CSS3 template which also works great on tablets and mobile phones.


Cookie Confirm is the only Joomla cookie extension which is powered by a component. It has lot’s of neat features and it’s powered by the same framework as used by the high-quality extensions of Akeeba. So Cookie Confirm is definitely powered by a stable, well tested and state-of-the-art framework.

Main features:
★ Only set cookies when it’s allowed (after properly setup)
★ Implicit or explicit consent
★ Only enable for specific countries/continents
★ Consent logging
★ Detailed statistics
★ Easy to setup & customize
★ Automatic placeholders for blocked content, including ‘Accept Cookies’ button
★ Visitor consent stored by functional cookie
★ NoScript fallback when placeholders are used
★ One-click live update
★ Install and use on unlimited websites

★ Responsive CSS3 template, also works great at tablets and mobile phones
★ Dark and light template
★ Designed to attract more attention to the accept cookies button
★ Sliding or pushing banner (3 sizes)
★ Pop-up window with privacy settings (show/hide)
★ Decline cookies button (show/hide)
★ Cookies accepted/declined status indication
★ CSS template override support

Messages and languages:
★ Customizable messages and language tags
★ Multi language support
★ Configurable Cookie Policy link (text, link, show/hide)
★ Configurable intro-, full- and placeholder text

Advanced options:
★ Load jQuery via Google CDN or locally
★ Google Analytics integration

Visit our website to view a live demo, you won’t be disappointed!

This extension does not work with Joomla’s system cache plugin. However it does work with the Joomla cache of the global settings. You should have no issues if you use the latest version of Joomla 2.5 or 3.0 and a website that’s developed with good coding standards.

(¹) The Joomla session cookie will be set if you’ve enabled logging, because it’s impossible to do this in a secure way without setting this cookie. If you don’t want to set the session cookie, you have to disable logging (which will also disable statistics). The rest will just work fine then.

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