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Amazing Complete Joomla Component Creator !

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Cook creates a real component containing all the basis of a standard Joomla! component. You don’t need to install anything on your CMS to run the generated project. You can write inside, repackage and distribute it on the JED.

The intelligent builder write your component line after line and write only the strict necessary (we try so …). That means each line of your component is used. Nothing is useless.


The service is not only for developpers. We tried to avoid the Joomla! terms and concepts when you build your component. If you never used Joomla! or if you don’t known anything about PHP, this tool is for you !

Build much more than simple MVC. Desing the database and the links between the tables. Desing all your pages (front and back). Integrate predefined functionalities. Instance validators. Create an html abstraction layer….  And lot of others features.

Since the begining, Cook is in constant evolution. The web interface is evolving day after day with new features.
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★ Cook write for you a Joomla! standard Model-View-Controller component. It is so possible to write inside the source code. Your component is written in a comprehensible way, readable and not condensed, perfect for Joomla developpers and designers. You can template it easily.

★ You don’t need to be a PHP developper to build your own components. The layout designer assist you in a simple and comprehensive language. Then, the best you known about HTML, PHP, CSS, SQL, the best you’ll be able to go forward an create extended functionalities.

★ No framework engine
Joomla is powerful enough ! Using a framework layer between Joomla! and your component can be useful, but it require learning it ! For this reason, we choosed to avoid the use of any engine framework. The only extra class in your component is an HTML abstraction layer (JDom) which doesn’t interract with the application layer.

★ Drag’n’Drop – Ajax Interface
★ Layout designer
★ Database designer
★ Sandboxes

★ FK Integrities
★ Groups
★ Filters & Searches
★ ACL & View levels
★ Authoring
★ Pretty fields
★ Files & Images
★ Ajax features
★ Validators
★ Wizards : Creation date, Ordering system, Aliasing system, Publishing system, View access levels
★ Modal pickers

★ Kill the post
★ Icons
★ Installation scripts
★ Handles S.E.F.
★ Standard Languages files
★ HTML abstraction layer

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