Contentflow Plugin

The content flow plugin is a plugin that allow you adding a contentflow of any kind of contents into your site by just insert a custom tag,it was built based on the contentFlow javascript library wrote by Sebastian Kutsch



To get the a flow list show up in your site just insert a custom tag like this

_ Source from the image folders:

{flowlist showcaption=”false” showscrollbar=”false” source=”folders” useAddOns=”screwdriver” folder=”images/stories/demo/slideshow” }.

In Here the useAddOns attribute is the kind of the flow list and the folder is the location to the images folder.

_ Or Source from the articles:

{flowlist showcaption=”false” showscrollbar=”false” source=”articles” catids=”20,21,22″ useAddOns=”screwdriver” folder=”images/stories/demo/slideshow” scrollbar=”yes” }.

These are some options for you:

_source: here you determined the source to get contents from,the value is articles or folders

_useAddOns: Put these addons you want to use here

_folder:set the location to your folder if select source from folders

_catids: set the categories here if select the source from articles,for example “20,21,22”

_showcaption: whether to show the caption,true or false

_showscrollbar: whether to show the scrollbar,true or false

The plugin has been support 8 AddOns (default,black,gallery,roundabout,screwdriver,slideshow,stack,vertical)

You can have many flowlists within one page as you want

You can see more details in the Demo page

Note: Updated for joomla 1.6

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